James Bellorini - Photography

James Bellorini - Photography

I'm a self-taught photographer living just outside London, England. I travel extensively and take a camera with me wherever I go. I love photographing people and their environments, keeping my work immediate and spontaneous.

I'm influenced by science-fiction, movies, comics, far-away places, Robert Frank, Raymond Moore, William Eggleston, Jack Kerouac, and William Blake; as well as music of all genres. I lived through punk and the post-punk fallout, and danced merrily round the burgeoning fields of rave culture.

Photography is my business and my passion. My mission: to create amazing, quality images from both the ordinary and extraordinary, and to get people excited about photography in all it's forms. My clients are often pioneers: they write their own music, curate cutting-edge exhibitions, manage quality events - DJ's, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs etc.

A small selection of images from recent photo walk around Norwich.

Leica M (240), Voigtlander 40mm lens

A selection of images from an afternoon walk through central London.

Leica M (240), 50mm Summicron

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A small selection of images from my latest photoshoot with actress Nathalie Pownall, photographed at the Old Welsh Chapel on Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s West End. I used the beautiful ambient light in the chapel, a single speedlite and a ringflash to get a soft yet dramatic feel.

Canon 5D MkIII, 85mm lens.